How To Pass A Mouth Swab Test

Mouth swab tests have been known for their easiness to pass as compared to the blood or urine tests since they cannot detect the drugs that you have consumed recently. But, in the fast-moving world and improving technology, it is better to be cautious and prepared. In this article I am going to explain you how to pass a mouth swab drug test in case you face it.



For many lifelong marijuana users, the pre-employment drug testing is one of the biggest challenges they face. And as saliva tests becoming more popular due to their capability to be administered by an employer right at the job site, marijuana smokers have been deeply concerned about passing them. 

Detection time

Despite saliva test being very useful in case of spotting on-duty consumption, it is very easy to pass it. Consider this: the mouth swab test can only spot the traces of marijuana smoking in the body for only 12-24 hours after use. This makes it way easier to pass for weed smokers, than for methamphetamine users, for example.



If you have not been consuming marijuana for the past 5-10 days, you should be good to go. There is no need to be stressed out about this since your saliva has cleared up from the drug naturally. However, be cautious because in rare cases, mouth swab test can detect the marijuana consumption that was a week before. Therefore, a piece of advice number one is to prepare in advance!


Useful tips

First, if you are a heavy user, try avoiding marijuana consumption for at least 5 days.


Another good thing to do for you before you undergo the mouth swab test is to take a cotton swab and wipe down the sides of your mouth. This can help you by removing old oral fluids from earlier drug use. It hasn’t been backed up by research, but people say this may actually work in real life.


There is another theory that is going around which is an absolute truth: try consuming huge amounts of water and chewing gums in order to speed up the saliva production process. The new saliva will possibly have the lower concentration of drug-related substances. The big problem is that it cannot “flush them down” from your bloodstream, but it will be a good thing just to try it.



Also, if you want to get rid of polluted oral fluids, a great thing to do would be brushing your teeth at least twice or thrice a day. Do not forget about brushing the entire oral cavity, including teeth, gums, cheeks as well as your tongue. Use mouthrinse after that to ensure the result.

brush your gums to pass mouth swab test

In order to ace that mouth swab test you should also follow these simple steps. They are very small and should be done right before the actual test. The first thing to do is to suck sour candies, since it has been scientifically proven that more acidic saliva makes it really hard for the test to detect drug substances. And also, do not forget about leaning towards citrus candies as well due to the containing citric acid. However, you need to suck quite a few in order for you to have a major effect.


According to multiple reviews, the people’s go-to product is “Oral Clear”, which is very versatile, because comes in a form of gum and it is very quick in neutralizing toxins in your saliva in just 30 seconds or so, leaving you with a 30-minute window for the drug test. Read and follow the instructions and this gum will definitely leave much less room for the failure. Continue on chewing gum, in particular, cinnamon or strong mint flavor. This will quickly change your oral fluids and possibly make the mouth swab test less effective.


Another nice tip is also to use a detox mouthwash 10-15 minutes before the test. Try rinsing your mouth just for a couple of times, leaving it for 5 minutes on the final wash. Be careful to not use a mouthwash that contains alcohol as it may give a false-positive result on your alcohol consumption.



The last thing you can try to do is to eat a fatty meal an hour before the test. The fat in the meal will absorb some of the THC metabolites from your blood and block their way to your saliva during the test.